LIVE: Lessons In Violence Evasion

Evasion, escape, and life lessons from the female Ninja of ancient Japan, adapted and delivered with cutting-edge science to meet the needs of modern women.


Watch LIVE work.

Your ability to survive a violent situation does not come from fighting like a man. It comes from finding open space within the attack and escaping to safety.

“In the 30 years since my attack, I’ve never found a self-defense course that made sense. Until now.” -Tammy J

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You're not a guy.

Stop fighting like one! LIVE: Lessons In Violence Evasion is an alternative to the punch-kick women’s self-defense programs you've seen before. LIVE is not fighting. LIVE is about evading and escaping so that you're not forced to fight like a man. You're not a guy, and you shouldn't have to act like one. Instead of punching and kicking, LIVE offers a more elegant and effective solution.

Feeling, not thinking.

Evading violence doesn't happen in your head. It happens with your body. That’s why LIVE was designed to be experiential learning. Your natural gut feelings can save you when your thoughts shut down. Our training uses principles and laws of nature—like instinct and gravity—to escape violence. These ideas are presented through games and exercises that you experience. Even though the games and exercises often don’t look like they have anything to do with escaping a violent situation, the feelings and sensations created through this experiential process transmit directly to your body and make it more likely that you'll remember the principles in a potentially threatening situation.


Laughter and learning.

We are serious about your safety. And we also know you will learn better, and remember more, when the material you're learning is fun! Science shows that when you're engaged and having a good time, your brain processes the information more quickly and retains it longer. LIVE is presented through entertaining, fun-to-do games. We intentionally designed LIVE this way, so you get the most out of the material and retain what you've learned during potentially vulnerable situations.

Two decades, thousands of women.

LIVE was created from four years of intensive research and development. Since then, we've spent 20 years successfully teaching thousands of women how to escape and evade violence. LIVE seminars have been taught at businesses, schools, colleges, crisis centers and our training location in New Hampshire. The live in-person seminar format was the only available option for learning LIVE—until now.

Learn LIVE online.

Using advancements in neuroscience that enhance comprehension, and improvements in digital technology to increase accessibility, we have made LIVE available online! That means you can now access and learn the same course materials, processes and games from our in-person seminars at your convenience. Our online program makes the life-saving lessons of LIVE available to women of all ages at a fraction of the price of other programs. Whether it's for your university, company, organization, a group of your friends, or just you, learning how to escape and evade violence has never been more accessible until now.

Women Learn To LIVE Ninja Safe

Unlock the power of evasion and escape with our cutting-edge, fun, and effective online training program that is designed to help women of all ages protect themselves without having to fight like a man. For just $97, you gain access to the life-changing Lessons In Violence Evasion programā€”a small price to pay compared to the potential cost of not knowing how to escape dangerous situations. And with our 30-day money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose!

LIVE's unique approach provides numerous benefits, including increased confidence, peace of mind and personal empowerment. But the impact of LIVE doesn't stop with you. By learning to protect yourself, you inspire others to do the same. You become a role model, a beacon of hope and strength, and contribute to a safer world for everyone.

When you invest in LIVE, you'll also receiveĀ four additional bonuses:

Bonus #1: Learn LIVE with a Friend for Free!

Two heads are better than one, right? That's why we're inviting you to bring your bestie along for the training ride! With the Learn LIVE with a Friend for Free bonus, you'll get a single-use coupon code that lets your buddy join you on this incredible journeyā€”absolutely free! Our LIVE games and exercises are designed for partner play, so sharing the experience with a friend makes it even more enjoyable and effective. Double the fun, double the learning, and double the value - a $97 bonus included for Free!

Bonus #2: LIVE Answers - Your Ultimate Guide to Dangerous Situations!

Have you ever worried about aĀ spine-chilling scenario where you're backed against a wall or trapped on the ground? In these lessons we present you with our LIVE Answers bonus! Dive into this treasure trove of practical wisdom, addressing the most pressing questions women have about real-world danger. Discover the essential principles that can help you stay safe in any situation without the need for rigid, memorized techniques. It's like having your personal self-defense guru at your fingertips.

Bonus #3: The Origins of LIVE Seminar

Curious about where LIVE's powerful techniques come from? Discover the secrets in The Origins of LIVE Seminar! Learn how ancient ninja principles were transformed into the effective, engaging games of LIVE. It's a fascinating journey that deepens your understanding and appreciation of LIVE. Get ready to be enlightened and inspired!

Bonus #4: Beyond LIVE - An Introduction to the Female Ninja

Explore the unique skills and strategies that empowered women in ancient Japan with Beyond LIVE - An Introduction to the Female Ninja! This captivating bonus goes beyond the basics, offering deeper insights into the legendary female ninjas and their lasting impact on modern self-defense. It's an empowering lesson from history, perfect for enhancing your LIVE journey.

Don't wait! Empower yourself and take control of your safety today with LIVE: Lessons In Violence Evasion. Click the link below to purchase and start your journey towards a safer, more confident life.




Lessons In Violence Evasion

  • A unique, non-violent approach to self-defense that focuses on escaping and evading danger
  • Experiential learning that taps into your natural instincts and gut feelings
  • Fun and engaging games that make learning enjoyable and memorable
  • Proven results from 20 years of teaching women
  • Online accessibility, so you can learn anytime, anywhere, without the need for costly travel
  • Bonus #1 Learn LIVE with a Friend for Free Coupon - a $97 value
  • Bonus #2 LIVE AnswersĀ for Most Common Questions, Hair Grab, Against the Wall, and On the Floor
  • Bonus #3Ā Ā The Origins of LIVE Seminar
  • Bonus #4Ā Beyond LIVE - An Introduction to the Female Ninja